Tips: How to Plan your Wedding at Home

The unpredictable nature of the outbreak of the Covid-19 has made it a stressful, and difficult time for couples planning their future wedding abroad.

First things first, try to remain calm. I know it's hard, but your wedding planning doesn't need to stop here. Luckily with the use of online, it has become very easy to plan your wedding anytime you want. When planning your wedding at home, there are things that are nice to know- advice so essential any bride who's lucky enough to hear it thinks "I'm so glad someone told me that!"

Guests come first

Get a grip on the approximate number of guests you'll invite before settling the venue. The number of guests can really make a difference to the prices costing around £100 per person, so eliminating one table of 10 can save you £1,000.

Leave some extra money

Your Wedding budget should follow this formula: 50 percent for ceremony and reception, 10 percent flowers, 10 percent for attire, 10 percent for entertainment, 10 percent for photo/video, 2 to 3 percent invites, 5 percent for party favours; and 10-15 percent Wedding Planner/Coordinator (depending on the service requested). It's essential to allocate extra 5-10 percent of your money for surprise expenses such as wedding invites, ribbons- all those extra details.

Personalise your wedding

Make use of your time at home and use social sites such as Pinterest. People use Pinterest to discover the things they love and to find inspiration for their wedding, - it's not about what others 'like', but what you like and want. So when it comes to weddings, Pinners are looking even more for ideas to celebrate their big day in a way that feels natural and embrace their true selves.

Paperwork to get married abroad

In order to get married abroad, you need to have a valid passport, and any divorce papers or death certificate(if you have been previously widowed or divorced). You need to be 18+ to marry without parental consent.

To get married abroad in Italy for example, you will need to obtain two pieces of documents to obtain your marriage license. Paperwork includes a Certificate of No Impediment and Statutory Declaration form.

Hiring a wedding planner

If you feel that you have some ideas, but unsure where to start. There are wedding planners available to offer full service and partial wedding planning for your needs and expectations.

Especially if you are thinking of getting married abroad, hiring a wedding planner can really help you with the logistics. While choosing your destination can seem like the hardest part, there are plenty of responsibilities involved. A wedding planner can give you their expertise on local knowledge on vendors, can schedule(online) appointments, work through timelines and various to-do lists, manage licenses and anything you need.

Don't let the unpredictable nature hold you back, the wedding planning starts now- at home with a cup of coffee! When the the storm passes you will be fully prepared for your beautiful day!

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